what are a few thing that should occur on the flight to input into maintenance

I cannot remember if I sent you the details for the crew….

Some time during the final flight before maintenance…..

Before takeoff be sure to set the FDR gmt and trip number.

fly the autopilot on LAFCS master, and some portion of the flight fly on RAFCS master.

2.  Press FDR event at any time while in flight.

During the final 20 minutes of flight, transmit to atc from the pilots side as well as the copilot side.

After landing

1. Pull “CVR” (or “VOICE RECORD”) and FDR (Or “FLIGHT RECORD”) circuit braker when clear of the runway.

2. For a F900 B, try to retrieve the autopilot fault codes from the ID802.

Here is a tutorial:


There is a video at the top.