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F900ex fuel qty erratic


Resolution:  Hi shield at outer probe has a tiny amount of conductivity to the Hi-Z wire.



The exact point where the shield ended, there is a brown ring, that was…..   possibly abbraded?


F900B EX QTY wire diagram


At power up, RH 500 hi


After 10 min, boost pumps on, all equal?????




Rh gnd-sh dead short

Rh glm

Rh glf low at 1000

Rh shm 500 wiggles!, left side side good.

Rh hlf 1000

Low gnd half scale

Lh: gnd-low 700m

Lh gnd hi 3000M

SL 700

Sh 3000

Sh 3000M. Good.

Turns out, the Shield to Hi on the right wing would vry from 300M to 1G Ohm.  RH OB probe shield termination was conducting a little.


results after repair:













F900ex SN 001. Missing wire diagrams


1. CPDLC , FANS 1A, and associated CVR upgrade.

2. IOCABUCCI espresso machine upgrade.   Need at least parts list of plumbing.

3. ? Elt upgrade?

4. DU875AF display upgrades.

5. WR 870 Upgrade, PROSTAR aviation.

6.  CDU-820(?) Upgrades.   3 FMS CDUS are upgraded, no prints.

7. Davtron clock upgrades








N900HG F900ex 022 Bohlke MNAviation


Hector -in class with scott.


Edgar –

Louis DOM Mnaviation

Miguel 2nd guy in my class.

Peachy -beard




Incoming Avionics issues:

WR works great over water.  Over land shows lots of returns.  GCS, Check tilt.



NEW OCT 10, EID blank. Verfied, blank.


Irs 3 bad. Verifided, stays in 3 min to align.

Fms 1 SINGLE operation. Not verified. They are working fine.  Custom DB

VHF 2 xmit only 2 seconds. Verified

MFD has stayed black sometimes. From Devin. Verfied dead. Sg switching works.

Satfone inop.

CPDLC freezes, kusa, tail, tail, then sending. Air or ground. Idendify CB. 1OF 5 flight.

Pax brief inop.  Check moving map. Incydink dead

Bulbs interior. Measure for LED.

incoming airframe issues:

Number 3 throttles stiff

Hp bleed overheat , was number 3, now number 1. Old squawk.

Steering servo leak.

Copilot ws leaks at top.

DC4 at towing disc

Uplock roller dont roll.

Nose boot

RH  slat droop after 24 hours.

ICS audio scratchy. Verfied  Mic jack scratchy. Needs clean up.

ESSPRESSO maker inop.

Condensation in cabin when gnd apu run. Verified, check sock

DV window ai inop. Center window seems to accuulate ice.

Fwd galley water heater inop. Check sw.

CABIN TEMP  both only work in manual.  Verfied pax fail.  Pax motor failed

Glue for studs,

All the way to hot or cold.

Door seal whines lower portion.

APU GEN 10 amps low.


DV window brown at the edge

Foam at AOA covers


Fwd galley hand basin drain not connected.  Missing hardware


BEACON voltage


Good afternoon.

We are trying  to ping test beacon pn 266-e5542-00.  Falcon airframe work card does not give the acceptable voltage on the end terminal.

Can yougive us some guidance?


Good morning, Todd,

The battery Min Acceptable voltage is 2.97V.


I hope this helps.

Best Regards

Samir Purohit

Business Development Manager – Dukane Seacom Inc./ Radiant Power Corp.

(Cell)   +1   941-799-0061

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Thanks so much for the response.   Todd