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Lift at Cieba



East/west trolly.  Up down lift. One direction has jog movement.


1. Latching power enable relay must be manually pushed to engage any power.  No wire on the pendant will engage the power enable relay.  The relay can be relaxed by the key switch.

2.  No travel north/south despite much effort.  The north motor has been replaced, and wires look bad.

3. Only the south motor will click.  Possibly brake releasing, but no motion.

4. Fast jog only works in south direction.

5. Need spare fuses pn ZLP-CC-1 slow blow fuse.

6. Hoist limit switches unserviciable.  Uplimit dancer arm has no affect on hoist travel.



George’s Crane Service.   (786) 472-8405















Slow blow fuse

New OEM LP-CC-1 LP-CC-1A LP-CC 1A 600Vac Time Delay Fuse, Pack of 10










Sand bath for tempurature switches







Greetings from Cole-Parmer.

Regarding your query, we have aluminum oxide i.e. item 01184-63 in the pack size of 25lb and 100lb (01184-61). (Brown)



Cole-Parmer Essentials White Aluminum Oxide, 25 lb

Representative image only.

Cole-Parmer EssentialsItem # EW-01184-71
Enhances heat transfer and maintains precise temperature control
  • Fast-cutting abrasive
  • Range of 80 HRC


$605.00USD / EACH

Motorcross wise county




Trophy club dirt bike

ATV & Motocross

2885 Trophy Park Drive, Trophy Club, TX 76262 | Get Directions

+1 682-237-2993


Weekends 9. To 2.   40 $


River Valley Motocross
Racecourse in Wise County, Texas
733 Co Rd 4757, Boyd, TX 76023