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Fish light


Already have green strip.





Need 9 cells amazon, 5 bucks for 2 cells


Need 2 controllers,  1 to use, one to experiment with.

Icstation 12V 30A 3S Lithium Battery Protection PCB BMS Board for 18650





Green leds








Citation XL. SB 560XL-24-14

The string

Blow up print

Tube marker


Static bag.

Parts bags



The wraps


Ms24694-s51 an509-10r9




Problems with sb schematic.

1. Fuse HZ121 did not exist. There was a fuse labels S54321?????. In its place. It was covered with heat shrink and capped.  This means the APU  contactor engaged logic lightwire was disabled before I got to it. We dealt with this by ordering a new fuse from Cessna, and leaving the old wire capped and labeled.

2. The wire from PT003 pin W to JZ013 pin 3,   did not exist on any service bulliten  drawing.  That wire is “other side start”.  After reviewing high serial number wire diagrams, we verified that we should leave that wire in place.

3. The relay that we added near the copilots elbow, KF022. was partially wired.  I could not remove the relay from the socket to do a complete ringout




How can we do Fans1/A, CPDLC, ADSB-out on the cheap.

If you are NOT an Honeywell FMS 5.2 SW airplane:

Chicago Jets offers a  CPDLC  !ONLY! $450K solution.  STANDALONE meaning it displays on a Skylight CDI….(YIKES)

CPDLC Stand-alone Architecture with optional ADS-B r1 copy-1


If you are a Honeywell 5.x airplane, Honeywell will drop support for pre 6.1 SW.  they will begin to charge extra for Database updates.

SIL D201604000032 Notice of discontinued support for FMS version prior to 6.1

Notice of discontinued support for FMS version prior to 6.1

This has the effect of nudging people toward complete updates 1 year prior to deadline.



Texas Gyro has successfully performed a $80K  option for ADSB out.  In a Falcon 900ex.  Transponders upgraded to TDR94D -512, Stand alone WAAS receiver, One annunciator on each Eyebrow, ICG   NO TCAS upgrade, NO FMS upgrade.  There was considerable trouble obtaining certification, but it worked out.  This aircraft is now a CONTIGUAL USA ONLY airplane.








Non Easy Falcons are except from ATEN ONLY for European operations.