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“I don’t see how we could be stupider in the west if we actually took courses and tried as hard as we could.”  Jordan Peterson, 2022.


American politician:  “Hold my beer”


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Trail life CPR


First Aid
Module 1
Common Injury, treatment, hospital, death
Initial Care, Calm, Use name, first words set tone, simple questions
Identify injury
Module 2,  Before care,
Evaluate , consent, call  !!!!!do not drive to hospital?????
Call 911
Fluids, gloves, face cover, clean up after
Modeule3 Checking


Module 4

Pressure, more bandage, tourniquet, time, 2nd tournequite
not hot or cold
Roller bandage starts below.
Friction blister, Poison Ivy blister
Tooth reimplant within 1 hour

amputation, evulsion

Skull injury, skull fracure, cuncusion
Chest injury, abdomen injury


Broken bones, apply splint

Burn, third degree is brown skin.

Shock, body tissue not gettting blood.

Module  5   sudden illness
asthma 911 if they cannot say 2 or 3 words, inhaller, 1 min between doses, spacer = clear tube

Allergy, anaphylaxis, Benedrill too slow. comes on 1 min to 1 hour. 2nd dose after 10 min

High blood sugar, warm skin, urinate, breath smells like nil polish remover.  give water, Give apple juice anyway, will not hurt. do not give insulin if person is alert, and can self administer.

Module 6 environmental emergency.
hot/cold/ poison/bite/sting

Heatstroke, CLASSICAL, no sweat, altered mental state, 911


Down and dirty Hydraulic service fixtures


Terry built these up for the shop.

This is the single action hand pump, low volume.


over a gallon resevoir

or a 1 qt pump item Number: 9-8438-60

all built up already.

royal hose north I35
1700 Lacy Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76177
(817) 626-2226

also, here is a brake bleeder with a air compressor, you have to be careful to unplug it, so it does not overpressure.  Could use a 45 PSI cutoff sw
bleeder end fitting from aircraft spruce