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Which EFIS-86 is which?







In a  falcon 50, or 200 used DPU-86C

622-7248-001, or -002 after mod

Manual for EFIS-86(1) is

EFIS-86(3) or (13) usses DPU-86L

EFIS-86 (4) or (14) uses DPU MPU86R

In a low SN 50

622-9009-001 or -002 after mod. Is this what gives names on waypoints on MFD?





Possible manual


Possible manual


Why would a Falcon 900ex not take center fuel


19 QS transistor #3 passed the 2 diode check.


By the base was stuck at 9.7 vdc instead of 25 vdc  when not fueling.  Would not turn on when fueling requested.


Replacement transistor fixed it.   WHY?


Could 15QS wire be shorting intermitantly?  Wire repair at 14 qs plug is ugly.  Could it be popping the #3 transistor.