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When is the friction check due on a Falcon 50 H stab


For F50 N98DH, the fwd H-Stab, (Normal) motor is P/N 1234-2, S/N 206, monted on Stab Jack P/N 021121-09.    S/N 332.


Normla motor is p/n 1234-2


That means the stab jack is compliant with SB F50-267, and SB F50-247.

So, brake current check and instpect and clean are not due at the 12 month check.


Here is some of the early analysis.


you have Stab Jack P/N 021121-01 or 021121-05 or 021121-05 AND Normal motor P/N 1234.

Brake holding check and Check is due at the 12 month AND check and clean is due at the 12 month.




you have any stab jack with stab normal motor p/n 1234-1.Drop out current check  is not required. inspectand clean  is due at every 12 month check.


POST S/B F50-267

you have any P/N 021121-09 stab jack, with normal motor 1234-2,  Check and cleaning not required, drop out current not required.

Online G-Code editor

MakerCam was the easiest to deal with.   It is dead with the death of flash. seems pretty easy to use.


Starts from SVG, watch the upper right corner for promts….


Gcodes that are added to the output file.


S100 ;set spindle speed


M3 ;turn on spindle

M5 ;turn off spindle


For 7X Coupling, the set up is.

turn cutter DIA up to .126

.2 pass width, gcode units inch, Xoffset – Y offset =0.

create operation pocket .125

cut the last block of code and put it at the end





intuWiz software was used for some other cut files with simple shapes

Lion battery repair


brand new fancy “drop in” lion battery intended to be used for home generator start battery.


Failed out of the box, with no support from the manufacturer.


out comes the dremel.




These look bigger than the 18650 cells.  Could these be the newer tesla cels? 21700 or even 26650?