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Interior R and R


1R seat knob loose/broken.

4R hydralock felled. Seat back moves 6 in.

2L 3L, 5L 6L Shades bunch.

1R shade out of track, 6r shade out of track.

1L seat skirt nutseet spins.   Sheetmetal mangled.

2 coutesy light  lenses in  aft bagggage craked.




Ice bucket drain clogged?


1300l, 440 black brass buttonhead at aft bagg data tags, cotter pins, seat rails




Friday Harrison, todd. 5 x2

Saturday am grant harrison todd 4 x3


Tuesday pm  grant, christian  beatty todd 5 x4


Thursday feb 8 PM. Christian, grant todd.2 x 5. 1 x3



G100, proline 21 displays, EID comes up 1 hour into flight



Descrepancy duplicated.

Pin G on MFD shows 20vdc, when batteries are at 24.7.    14 vdc when loaded with 1 amp load. 18vdc when MFD Breaker is pulled.

MFD breaker has 24vdc both sides, even when loaded.





(JAN) 1N1206A. Fwd in ac

Same in aft.

Must have new insulated mount hardware.




Shoulder washer was too tall.   So no clamp up force on the diode threaded shaft.   So both diodes overheated over the years.