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Panel planner output to Visio to DXF Cut file.

ToolChain for Terry:


Use Panelplaner,

     Choose Template view on icons above panel.

     >File>Export DXF,

            “turn paths into polylines” is selected

            Name it _FilenameDXF_Draft

Open Visio

     File>Open>  Dropdown “Open File Types” so you can see the DXF

      Double click “Cad Object” Right Click >convert,    …….

      Assure there are no duplicate objects


      Create new outline objects with >FreeForm> drag curved shape,

      Use <CTL> click to Edit . Delete unused nodes, move end points and handles


      <CTL>A Assign to Lay, >NEW    Name layer “CutFileLayer”

      Paste standard objects (Red)  on top of Imported DXF object.

       Use “layer properties” select layers on and off to see 


File>Save>     …..SVG for future edit

>File>SaveAs>  Drop down .dxf..,     Name file correctly, place it in correct folder

This produces a useable DXF file for Laser, or Water, Or Mill








How do I generate  G-code from simple shapes.




Use Inskape or Impress to generate and layout shapes.
File>Export> Filetype .SVG


>Open .SVG

Touch a tool path highlight red then: CAM> Profile Operation.

Set parameters.


     Tool diameter, inside/outside cut

Calculate all

Next, go to ToolPaths. Select each one and check parameters.

Next, Export Gcode>select all>Export. Save NCFile

Rename .txt or .ngc

open in editor

find the following codes:

T codes which are tool change. delete them

add M1 at the top

Add S100 in the header for dummy spindle speed

file save as .ngc


Load to Linuxcnc














Fish light


Already have green strip.





Need 9 cells amazon, 5 bucks for 2 cells


Need 2 controllers,  1 to use, one to experiment with.

Icstation 12V 30A 3S Lithium Battery Protection PCB BMS Board for 18650





FBCJustin Streaming todo.

Summary of step 1 desired feature set:

1. stream live to internet

1a Existing live stream to You Tube is sufficient for now.  We must solve the erratic upload problem now, before we move on.  Retry this with internet box tied down and power lead secured.


This is exactly what I did! Figured it out before you posted it though.

NETWORK 1 SETUP (with internet connection)
Router 1 – default settings, DHCP ON
LAN 1 – Static IP (I think you can use auto obtain IP), Default Gateway –, w/ DNS

Router 2 – DHCP OFF
LAN 2 – Static IP ; Default Gateway – Blank ; DNS – Blank
— * It will show as Unidentified Network on your adapter settings window.

I have internet on network 1 while I can file share on network 2 (no internet access) for work. 2 different networks, 1 pc



Why do we have to occasionally hard reset the internet box?

Heavy power switch. Where did the “power Conditioner” go?

Laptop boot on power, sleep on power down

2 allow real-time camera switching

2a –  Implement camera feed switch.

2b – laptop to control switching interface

2c – Router from home to mount in 19 in. Rackd.  –    2.d current inputs : 1 Sony camera remotely steered, 1 Sony camera fixed at sound booth.

3 use one remote camera and one fixed camera for now.

3a.  –  one remotely controlled camera

3b- Pan/tilt mechanism / controller done, needs tuning.

34c- zoom, focus etcetera.

3d-Evaluate lanc  dongle.  Buy. Camera XA35.

3e  Camera drive.  Lanc drive. add joystick or wheel to LANC zoom

4 Use mixed audio stream from existing sound board.

4A  Why is the fan in the switch so loud?

4b. Key to switch / software /

4c – do we have audio coming in from Sound Booth Channel 8?

   4d Get app to work on nexus tablet.

4e. Sound Board private network
PW @FBCJusti

5 Send use able stream of camera feed for ProPresenter to display on projectors.  Use ProPresenter as a input “Camera” source to switch.


Is ther a way to with the exsisting video on the Lightening outputs



Random Notes


Initial video switcher setup





Initial video converter (red  box ) set up


Control duc source , change to HDMI IN

Output 1080i, 59.94.

Control SDI  OUT SOURCE. scale if other than I.





Wire run names

16wvdc motor all electronics

Here is the original BESCOR PanTilt Drive with a WII Nunchuck

Camera Pan, Tilt from a Bescor 101



Here is the Pan/Tilt with the pan motor tachometer installed




Herre is the initial LANC interface notes

How do I come to terms with LANC?