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Helpful Hints for data loading the EASy Avionics in the Falcon 900DX

A few recommendations before you start:

Know which breakers to pull for your aircraft:  one example from a F2000EXEASy operator, disable all of the “Outboard” LRU’s:


One operator pulls ALL third party breakers….. BASC, DEEC, BSCU< A’La this pcture on a F 2000.

Have plenty of DVD-R disks at hand.  One source emphasizes DVD-r.…Not DVD+R….Not DVD RW.


Have a SPARE LanTap 10Base-2 converter.  It gets hot and fizzels out occasionally.  Available on the open market from:


Order a LONG 10Base-2 coax.  Its just RG-58 old school.  One source is Pasternack (20 foot here).  This gets you out of the cockpit while you are working.


In warm climates, have a blue Freezer Brick in the freezer  ready.  If the LanTap is suspect, rubberband it to the frozen brick.

Remove the maintenance 10Base2 coax connector on the maintenance panel, clean it our with IPA of Electrocontact cleaner.  The action of continuosly removing and reinstalling the connector shaves metal particals and drops the into the connector….FTP failures.


If a bulk load fails …….  Take pictures of the FAILED LRU list.  Then attempt a target load at that unit only.  Retry this several times….yell, scream, cry.   turn the airplane off, retreat, then reattack after the LRU’s are cooled down a bit. wurst case,  consider a OPS software reload of the target unit.

Several times a year the NDB comes with a EGPWS data base.  Full load of this data is 90% unsuccessful.  all ways target load this data.

Remember the drive door has to be closed and locked through out  the load process.





Is the 10Base-2 adapter hot? FTP problems?   Recommendations above.

Carefully reread and study the SW NAME and LOAD ORDER.

If you have OLD OPS software,  or NO OPS Software, yo can issue Honeywell a no cost P.O. to get current data.

Watch for nuisance errors after data load.  Use the Pilot soft key to get rid of the ones that are not latched, Enter the CMC and empty the others, including the one at the bottom:

Super – secret unapproved alleviation to many loading problems. Clean the lan cable connector and put it onto the Mx plug. Then buy a 7X terminating resistor to put on the bnc plug and stop messing with the lan. $40 bucks well spent……