Panel planner output to Visio to DXF Cut file.

ToolChain for Terry:


Use Panelplaner,

     Choose Template view on icons above panel.

     >File>Export DXF,

            “turn paths into polylines” is selected

            Name it _FilenameDXF_Draft

Open Visio

     File>Open>  Dropdown “Open File Types” so you can see the DXF

      Double click “Cad Object” Right Click >convert,    …….

      Assure there are no duplicate objects


      Create new outline objects with >FreeForm> drag curved shape,

      Use <CTL> click to Edit . Delete unused nodes, move end points and handles


      <CTL>A Assign to Lay, >NEW    Name layer “CutFileLayer”

      Paste standard objects (Red)  on top of Imported DXF object.

       Use “layer properties” select layers on and off to see 


File>Save>     …..SVG for future edit

>File>SaveAs>  Drop down .dxf..,     Name file correctly, place it in correct folder

This produces a useable DXF file for Laser, or Water, Or Mill








How do I generate  G-code from simple shapes.




Use Inskape or Impress to generate and layout shapes.
File>Export> Filetype .SVG


>Open .SVG

Touch a tool path highlight red then: CAM> Profile Operation.

Set parameters.


     Tool diameter, inside/outside cut

Calculate all

Next, go to ToolPaths. Select each one and check parameters.

Next, Export Gcode>select all>Export. Save NCFile

Rename .txt or .ngc

open in editor

find the following codes:

T codes which are tool change. delete them

add M1 at the top

Add S100 in the header for dummy spindle speed

file save as .ngc


Load to Linuxcnc