VQ-BYT squawks at PBI



1. Number 1 hyd qty reads zero all the time.

2. Occasional AUTO SLAT light, clicking noise from behind panel.

3. APU uncommadded shutdown after start.

4. #2 fuel bypass menelco occurred 1 time, no reoccur since. CND.

On site:

1. Failed number 1 gage verified. Gage due in at midnight. Friday night. Ops test 29-20-00-720-801. New gage S/N 1034 has knarly  pinged prints inside the front glass.

2. Suspect WOW Prox  going to ground while ac is in flight.  Could the clicking noise be the gear handle safety pin?  Evaluate Prox detectors. Checked voltage and sensitivity of all 6 Prox detectors.

3. Interestingly, the APU OVERSPEED Menelco was dark when I got to the airplane.  Every subsequent shutdown pops it yellow , which is normal.  All starts were normal for me.

4. EMERG LIGHTS one bulb out. APU MASTER 2 bulbs out. Replaced bulbs.

5. Crew temp amp motor is making a grinding noise. Goes quieter after 10 min. Info only.

6. Cabin pressure triple gage altitude needle hangs at 3000ft. Tapping panel resets it. Triple gage mount screws loose.1483199000798-708599262

Info only

6. Ron said Mr. Burnes keeps asking about the AFIS Printer paper jamb.  Fixed it.  It is old and grouchy, like me. Manual print select does not work.  Use NAV>AFIS INDEX>NEXT>AFIS CONFIG>NEXT>NEXT>OR>AUTO>ON then choose the services you want.

It will print any of the incoming stuff you want.

7.Minor fuel residue forward of RH ADF antenna inside belly faring.
Outboard of the inboard fuel sump, right wing root.

It is a screw or two. the number 10 to 20 screw outboard.

The guys left the tanks pressurized, so I am sure that made it worse.

It dribbles into the belly faring and made a puddle on the ground.  Looked dramatic, no problem.

If it is OK with you, I will brief Ron to vent the tanks each stop until we get to look at it.
8. Tire pressure gage needs cal.