Camera Pan, Tilt from a Bescor 101

Uthe Sparkfun motor control board wires up:

Dir A- 12
Speed A – 3

DirB – 13

SpeedB – 11

Here is a wii Nii nunchuck based project

Here ist the demo software for the board:


this is the easy driver from spark fun



this one uses digital smooth





Looks like a decent 3 axis joystick for 40$


Hall Effect sensors HAL115C



Installed on the back of a DC motor









Faceplate on the black steering box is 12×7 5-8






Box dimensions


Using a PS2 controller to steer the camers

here is a link to servo drives


dimensions for controller with 4 joysticks

50 mm hole = 1.968 in

63mm  = 2.48 in

stroke at the knurl is 1.6







Dual camera controller

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