Longtail Road Trip Recipe book

Longtail Aviation Road Trip Memory Minders:

Identify Squawks/wishlist, airline tickets, hotel, car, pasport, parts, consumables, CMM/AMM references, 4Ghotspot, FED EX tracking number for all incoming parts.

First day overhead:

Determine Printer/yellowpaper/scanner access, internet, Campaccess, CITRIX access,  4Ghotspot

Toolbag, spares, consumables

During road trip.

Receive every item properly, and send 8130 to Jess right away for EBIS update/ purchase order close-out.

ask for a Fed Ex Shipper from Jess

Closeout Items:

Sign off tlp, p/n, s/n amm ref.

Sign off camp cards

Sign off Work Order page(yellow)

verfify 8130 for every item,

Core Tag and or Removal tag filled out for every item

Enter ebis time every day.

brief update to MX@longtailaviation.bm EVERY DAY

Last Day

Final checklists for closeout:

Every TLP Item is closed or deferred correctly

Wishlist for other items

W.O. Yellow sheet closed out for every item

Camp Card for every serialized part, and required inspection.

Ebis closeout:

Every item has TIME applied, Parts under the Parts Tab, “Work Done… “, Corrective Action filled in , ATA code matches AMM ref.

Email completed work package to MX@longtailaviation.bm,  fax@campsystems.com,

Fed Ex envelop all originals to Jessica ( Jessica will print a Fed Ex Shipper)

– OR – gather every page in order, statple, and tuck in the front cover of the Tech Log.

Techlog returned to airplane

review a EBISTECHNICIAN LOG preview and be sure you have enough time entered.

Print a LOG ENTRY from the pertinannt EBIS Items

EBIS_WO_entryscreen  – early


EBIS_WO_entryscreen – pdf


EBIS_WO_Examples pdf


EBIS_WO_Examples ppt


review your  original invoice, prepare additional billing, and expense report.

preflight the aircraft



Secure the aircraft






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