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Holds Falcon 900 specific troubleshooting information

How do I come to terms with Fault Codes in a SPZ-8000 for F900?

Here is the simple break-in to get the codes:


If you pull the breakers in the air as a matter of troubleshooting, the codes are lost!

If you land and power down airplane, the codes are lost!

Flight Fault summary must be performed after aircraft lands, before power is turned off.
YD and MTRIM must be dark.
At the copilots left elbow in the engineers Panel.
There is a Bat Handle switch labeled “AFCS TEST” or some such.
Select it up.
The ID802 panels will self test.
Then , When they are finished you should see “01 – FGC TEST?” Do NOT perform the test now.
Instead, push the LAFCS button which in this case acts as a “Previous Screen” button.
A few screens back, you will get to “98 – FLGHT FAULT SUMMARY”
Push “RESET” to get to the flight fault screen.
That should show the codes for the LEFT computer.
Take a picture of that screen.
Now press reset again.
That should show the RAFCS faults.
Take a picture of that screen

Here is the Spreadsheet that unwraps the Hex code to plain english…. or as plain english as a Honeywell engineer can make it.


This one runs under Libre Office:

SPZ-8000-Flight-Fault-Summary   .ods



This one runs under excel:

SPZ-8000 Flight Fault Summary


SPZ-8000-Flight-Fault-Summary – this one is from Augusta


here is an example fault code



Plain Text trouble shooting book:


Falcon 900 DFZ TS Guide

How do I come to terms with Arduino-429 interface?

Here is a wonderfull 429 overview


airinc_429TheAvionicsHandbook_Cap_2 ia a universal converter project.


The fellows name is AllThumbs on VAF thread about the SL30 to Dynon HSI is a very nice explanation of a 429 to 232 converter

Here is the data from Niel on the frankenverter



here is a nice blurb on using a parallel port to test AIRINC 429 equipment



here is some detail abouthe labels

Arinc429WordList (copy)

Here is the first Distillation of equipment labels


hand tools in VP-BMB

r to left

Dewalt Lion , batteries in a Quart can for containment

screwdriver tips

velcro, tywrap, tape


crush proof container, magnet, fingers, mirror

3/8 deep 12 points, ratchet handle

1/4 drive set

small ratchet screwdriver, large screw driver, poor quality

punch, allen, knife, measure tape

4 picks, small screwdriver, slot, phillips


small diagonal, visegrips,

KNIPEX needle nose, diagonal, slip joint pliers.

small combo, large gear wrench, large adjustable.



3 jack adapters
2 spanners
static wick flags
TR pins long only
Paint cutters
Wish List:
#3 screw driver tips
Swastika tips
good volt meter
electric pencil mark each tool “051”
one short tr pin.
break away wire.
1 1/4 joy wrench
single hole punch
stapler, (butch has the best one
tags w/ string
other items that were already aboard bmb:
tr pins… long only, need to add one short one.
paint cutters
o2 tool
safety wire
BMB_other tools

How do I make peace with the internet service in F900EX s/n 028, VQ-BYT

switch off the laptop wireless connection.. switch near handle.
If the Satcom is turned off, there is no DHCP server,,,, so:
set the troubleshooting computer to:  Static IP to
Hard-wire Ethernet connection to the RJ45 in the Pedestal.

WRT54GL Log In

User: Admin
Password: *aircell1*
And yes those are asterisks or stars included in the password
Tread Carefully.
The Satcom is a Thrane&Thrane SwiftBroadband
Aircell Aviator 300 , tt5040A SBU
Aircell CTR

How do you retrieve the BIT Fault codes from a LaserRef1?

How do you retrieve the BIT Fault codes from a LaserRef1?

“BIT” button leads to 3 pages :
Bit 2- Current Status
Bit 3 – Last Flight
Bit 4 – All History

Now: lets look at the 270 word

One example is 0082 2800

Note the first two digits are 00 and the last two are 00.  they are unused digits in this scheme.

This Work sheet might help with the decode.

And the 270 Word definition, or the 350 word definition might help.

My notes from N850BA EGPWS squawk.