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What are the deets on the low serial number F50EX DEECS?


A  !non-embedded! Falcon 50EX below serial number ____ has 9 pin DEEC download ports.  Not the same as a F50…Not the same as a 900…not the same as a F50EX with embedded interface.  and no, yo cannot just take the upper cowl off and download directly from the DEEC.


A decade ago, Honeywell was able to provide the 9 – pin adapter . for $1800.00 and 6 months lead.  Good luck even getting the part number now.

Here is what we worked out after much trial and tribulation! Thanks Marcus!


CAUTION: pin 1 orientation on the RJ12 end is to the left when the tab is held down.  You may have a similar !!!! or !!!! reverse cable end.  WIre to the pin positions, not the colors.







What are the details for the 2015 electronics and Robotics class?

 2015 class is done and gone!

9.00 to 12.00 AM Electronics Class




Page 2-7

introduction to relay


Page 7 current

relay details


Slow Fan /Fast fan  with ann


1.00 to 4.00 PM Robotics Class





Goal: construct and program a robot.  the robot will be controlled via a Android Cell phone.

The final test will be a robot soccer tournament, with each student competing on teams for the championship.

the coaster Chassis will be the same as last year.

4WD_RobotBaseThe  Controller   is an Arduino .  The drive logic board will be hand made with relays as per this Instructible. EasyRelay

here is the actual relays we used


The Bluetooth link will be provided by this (ubiquitous) HC05 module:

HC06 Module

The header strips will be used to connect the loose wires to the arduino

first run at the arduino code and the Android code will  be from TechBitar. This Cel Phone App, and Arduino code is a simple interface that

Control 2 DC Motors Via Bluetooth (1)

Which pin is which?



4WD motor base

..1 ea battery holder (included)

..4 ea AA battery


.. 1 ea 9V battery

..1 ea 2.1mm plug  w wires

Header strips for arduino connection



..1 ea cable (included)

..1 ea 1000 ohm resistor

.. 1 ea 2000 ohm resistor

Relay H Bridge

..2 ea relay

..2 ea tip-120

..2 ea 220 ohm resistor






Power supply




Other surfing:

these prototype backpacks are a little cheaper,  Amazon Offering,

Two Wheel, 2 deck:

US Based in Vermont:

Other Chassis : 28.00

Simpler 2 wheen chassis in stock

Motor controller

How do I configure a New Ubuntu Machine with all the usual suspects?

General Rules for aquiring hardware for linux MINT:

1. Don’t buy bleeding edge new stuff, but hardware that’s already on the market for some time. That increases the chance of the right drivers being present in the kernel of Mint 18. Additional advantage: it saves you a lot of money.

2. Make sure your graphics card is either Intel or Nvidia; avoid AMD and the others.

3. Wireless: Buy Atheros, Intel, Ralink or Realtek instead.don’t buy a Broadcom chipset.

D) use the .DEB canon printer

GIMP from Repository

XP DualBoot BlahBlah

LabJack installs .Net framework