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Holds Falcon 50 specific troubleshooting information

F50 ops tests for 4A check


Pressure bump on takeoff. Verified on ground.

Flap assym left side has 1.7 inches displacement. Vrrified.

Crew temp needle stuck cold. Verified.

Elt fails selftest. Short chirp after 16 seconds.

Large screws at pilot overhead stripped. Heads are too large. Overlay is becomi b get damaged

Pedistal. Brush.clean
Yokes. Black touch up.
Lower eied screen
Cb panel cover. Clean
On ann panel…. fire test label is missing
Center qty reads slightly low. R fuel reads slightly high

How do you retrieve the BIT Fault codes from a LaserRef1?

How do you retrieve the BIT Fault codes from a LaserRef1?

“BIT” button leads to 3 pages :
Bit 2- Current Status
Bit 3 – Last Flight
Bit 4 – All History

Now: lets look at the 270 word

One example is 0082 2800

Note the first two digits are 00 and the last two are 00.  they are unused digits in this scheme.

This Work sheet might help with the decode.

And the 270 Word definition, or the 350 word definition might help.

My notes from N850BA EGPWS squawk.