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Tool Box clean up

Diagonal cutters




Wrench Rail

tool box foam


Try FAST-CAP foam, or ROCKLER woodworking



foam blanks


better qualty



19.75 X 37.375Deep drawer is 14

5.5 tall.

Lower left large drawer is 7.5 tall 19.75 X 37.375

 wood is 15 x 19.5 for foam



Pelican 1650, very bottom shelf is flat 19×14



iwiss crimper tool



Torx nazi



Drawer.  163/8 In by.   12 3/4In

Inside15 3/4.  12 1/4









What would happen if you flew a Falcon 900 with the #2 Cowl latches loose?

This aircraft took off with the # 2 cowl latches loose.

Flew to destination airport. All was fine until the TR opened, then….$1.3 million in damage.

Here is a shot of the airplane SECONDS before the indecent, caught by happenstance by a phototog.

Here is the cowl on the ground

Here is what is left of the cowl on the engine

Keep your head about you boys…. the penalty for inattention is high.


And Again. The penalties are high

Video of a Falcon 10, bad day at the hangar

What are the Common Extractor Part Numbers, terminal block part numbers, crimper part numbers?

Here is a quick guide that actually makes sense…… remember to use Connector Micro Tooling Systems in Arlington,,,,,, super nice



and here is the same sheet, reduced to the most common falcon extractor




Red and White Metal

Red and White Plastic



Here is the last order:

Syringe style:

2 each 455822-2,  ALTPN 206388-1 – $14.95, ALTPN R-5926(Jonard), . Cheap Amp white

2 each 305183  – $12.25,  M style , Type 1, 2 or 6 Extractor for Tyco/amp CPC round connecor, 18-20. metal tube,plastic body
1 each Red Daniels canon Syringe, Daniels MS24256R200 each Red Daniels canon Syringe
Plastic wrap around style:

15 each Red/Wht  plastic pn M81969/14-02 

15 each Red/Wht Metal M81969/1-02 

0 each Grn/Red plastic

0 each Blu/Wht plastic

0 each Blu/Wht metal

10 each Grn/Wht plastic M81969/14-01

15 each Grn/Wht Metal M81969/1-01

5 each Red/Orn plastic M81969/14-10

5 each Yel/Wht plastic  P/N M15570-22-1 


Tweezer style:

2 each Red  astro M81969/8-06

0 each Green

Forked Devil style:

0 each Collins P/N 359-0697-020, made by daniels


Double wide relay exctrator CTJ-R12





red terminal blocks in Falcon 50


Contacts small  pn 1841-1-5622 or alternate 100060-56 deusch


Strippers for tefzel wire


Dakota electronics San antonio.


Small and large green



Molex syringe new pn 2063388-1


Small deutsch relay extractor. T.E connectivity M6106/31-001. Not available.