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How much power does it take to keep the Honda CRX rolling?

12KW or 15Hp at 55 mph

To accelerate to 60


+++ for a Saturn:
625 Wh/Mile
That is my AC power average as metered from my AC plug over the 326 cycle and 6206 mile life of my first battery pack. (So this is including battery charging losses.)

Updated actual rolling resistance measurement done in opposite directions at low speed (30 mph) revealed that ACRX draws 14.7A average at 326VDC pack voltage. This amounts to 4,792 W of power. If I’d drive like that for 1 hour, I’d cover 30 miles and spend 4,792 Wh. So, energy consumption, then, is 4,792 Wh / 30 miles = 159.7 Wh/mile. With 14,600 Wh of useable energy on board (20% SOC) theoretically this would give me 14,600 Wh / 159.7 Wh/mile=91.4 miles range.

So Lets see:

A CRX at 30MPH = 159 WH/M……. this is way low because of the 30MPH parameter

A Saturn at driving speed = 625WH/M…… this should be high because it is a Saturn, and includes charger losses.

Lets just say 400WH/M at 55MPH for a starting place.

* 70 miles is 28K WH for a typical day. Say 30K WH to make it easy.

Lipos are sitting at about $ .70 / WH, so $21,000 of batteries , 425 LBS

Pursuit of Freedom and the airbus design philosophy

I have long viewed the airbus design philosophy with a skeptical eye, and now it is painfully clear that it will now come under wide criticism.

now let me be clear:

I have long viewed the European governmental structure with a skeptical eye, and now it is painfully clear that it will now come under wide criticism.

The European idea for building advanced flight controls for airliners is simple. Design computers that set safe limits on the actions the aircraft can take. The pilot controls are used to advise the computers on the pilots intentions. If there is a conflict between the pilots inputs and the safe limits….. The computer will ALWAYS respect the computer’s limits over the pilots inputs.

The traditional (Boeing) philosophy allows the pilot to have the final say…right or wrong. The responsibility for bad decisions rests fully on the pilot’s shoulders.

Now these ideas are EXACTLY in line with the respective views of national government.  The European governmental structure sets up markets and allows subjects certain opportunities to operate. The traditional American  model sees a citizen toiling with an idea to produce a profit. Fail or succeed, the responsibility rests solely on the shoulders of the citizen.

We are now locked into a battle of two control systems for our nation.  Our president Barak Obama is establishing controls on the commercial sector of our country that will protect our public from painful impacts of business failure. Of course, with the Obama whitehouse will take upon itself the authority to regulate the operation of large segments of the national economy. Naturally this will require increased taxation to accomplish these ends.

We are, as a nation, transferring our confidence from individual’s actions to large government policies. Change is here.