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what is the pn for environmental splices?

Football splice


The small round older style is TSE-20-01




D436-36 (MIL-S-81824/1) – Red, Typically 22 – 18G

D436-37 (MIL-S-81824/2) – Blue, Typically 18 – 16G

D436-38 (MIL-S-81824/3) – Yellow,  Typically 16G – 14G

Requires crimp tool P/N:  3137CT 


M83519 series


/2 have ground wire


M83519/2-7 .105 .145 .650 .145 .055 22


M83519/2-9 .235 .255 .750 .255 .130 22


M83519/2-10 .275 .300 .750 .300 .170 22



Gulfstreag GV floor heaters Deustche CTL-16







How do I come to terms with the Primus 2000 “Download and Clear” BrewHaHa

If you get a “Avionics Maint” white message:


You can ignore it.  Or you can go through a 1 YEAR hassle trying to get all of this stuff figured out..


Hart Aviation:

We build a Primus Data Loader, P-2000 Maintenance Access Unit, (Built to Honeywell Drawings). This unit was built for the roughly 19 Falcon 900’s that did not have built in data access ports. (See our web site under the Falcon 900 section near the end of the page) We have one on hand which sells for $4250.00.

F900ex S/N 028 the l42FV and R42FV are under the blank covers in the side consoles.


here is the written instructions:

F900EX Primus 2000 Download & Clear Procedures


MAU Drawing

MAU Drawing


What in the world is this?



1 year



Old Notes on VQ-BYT

F900EX Avionics Download 2017-05-15


This is the MAU drawing fir Modified F900SN022




How do I make peace with the Printer on BZZ?

Here is the last action when Hugo worked on it:


Hi Todd, below are the steps we took to fix the printer issue.


1.       Wireless printer was configured to connect to some unknown wireless network. So we had to reset the printer when we took it back to the office.

2.       We upgraded the firmware on the printer so that it could support air print. We enabled Bonjour on the printer.

3.       Configured printer with IP address and successfully connected it to the plane’s “VQBZZ Wireless Access” network

4.       Tested printer successfully from windows laptop via wireless and iPad via air print.

Hugo E. Sanchez 

210 321 8572
210 663 3163

How do I come to terms with AVTECH LED Strips

LED strip Flickers:

Intermittent solder connection from LED POwersupply Board to LED strip.:


And the cold solder joint that caused it:


The installation notes:

AvTECH_Flood LED installationP25D001C[1]




CrimpersForAVTECH lighting63811-2800%20Spec[1]


Dies for crimpers:


The 63811-2800 number is a good number for the crimp tool handle (the Frame).
The die part numbers vary the part number of the pins being crimped.




Connector numbers:


Non Corrosive RTV:

MSC Part #: 00232025
Big Book Page #: 2167
Brand: Dow Corning
Mfr Part #: 748-2455846



How do I come to terms with Fault Codes in a SPZ-8000 for F900?

Here is the simple break-in to get the codes:


If you pull the breakers in the air as a matter of troubleshooting, the codes are lost!

If you land and power down airplane, the codes are lost!

Flight Fault summary must be performed after aircraft lands, before power is turned off.
YD and MTRIM must be dark.
At the copilots left elbow in the engineers Panel.
There is a Bat Handle switch labeled “AFCS TEST” or some such.
Select it up.
The ID802 panels will self test.
Then , When they are finished you should see “01 – FGC TEST?” Do NOT perform the test now.
Instead, push the LAFCS button which in this case acts as a “Previous Screen” button.
A few screens back, you will get to “98 – FLGHT FAULT SUMMARY”
Push “RESET” to get to the flight fault screen.
That should show the codes for the LEFT computer.
Take a picture of that screen.
Now press reset again.
That should show the RAFCS faults.
Take a picture of that screen

Here is the Spreadsheet that unwraps the Hex code to plain english…. or as plain english as a Honeywell engineer can make it.


This one runs under Libre Office:

SPZ-8000-Flight-Fault-Summary   .ods



This one runs under excel:

SPZ-8000 Flight Fault Summary


SPZ-8000-Flight-Fault-Summary – this one is from Augusta


here is an example fault code



Plain Text trouble shooting book:


Falcon 900 DFZ TS Guide