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Panel planner output to Visio to DXF Cut file.

ToolChain for Terry:


Use Panelplaner,

     Choose Template view on icons above panel.

     >File>Export DXF,

            “turn paths into polylines” is selected

            Name it _FilenameDXF_Draft

Open Visio

     File>Open>  Dropdown “Open File Types” so you can see the DXF

      Double click “Cad Object” Right Click >convert,    …….

      Assure there are no duplicate objects


      Create new outline objects with >FreeForm> drag curved shape,

      Use <CTL> click to Edit . Delete unused nodes, move end points and handles


      <CTL>A Assign to Lay, >NEW    Name layer “CutFileLayer”

      Paste standard objects (Red)  on top of Imported DXF object.

       Use “layer properties” select layers on and off to see 


File>Save>     …..SVG for future edit

>File>SaveAs>  Drop down .dxf..,     Name file correctly, place it in correct folder

This produces a useable DXF file for Laser, or Water, Or Mill








How do I generate  G-code from simple shapes.




Use Inskape or Impress to generate and layout shapes.
File>Export> Filetype .SVG


>Open .SVG

Touch a tool path highlight red then: CAM> Profile Operation.

Set parameters.


     Tool diameter, inside/outside cut

Calculate all

Next, go to ToolPaths. Select each one and check parameters.

Next, Export Gcode>select all>Export. Save NCFile

Rename .txt or .ngc

open in editor

find the following codes:

T codes which are tool change. delete them

add M1 at the top

Add S100 in the header for dummy spindle speed

file save as .ngc


Load to Linuxcnc














F900ex N900HG aspen mx








1.  IAC2 FWC  fail. Verified. Fault history. Also IAC2  will not enter maintenance mode. Flight fault shows FWC2-DAU2B.

 New IAC 2 fixed it. Need to load ACDB  in fms.
2. Passenger temp control failed. Verified . Needle  stays exactly mid scale unless breaker is pulled. 23HG plug was loose.

Pin U pushed back on the Cabin Temp controlle not used


Problem turns out to be 24HC Duct temp sensor below rear lab basin



3. DU5 failed. Not verified.
Pilots incoming items:
4.IRS 1 takes a long time to align.  Verified. No align in Denver. Verified.  Stays at 4 min to align, while other two go to 1 min to align.  Then fast flash for 30 seconds . Init number 1 fms a second time.  Then 2 min to align. Then it aligns. Current faults 8903 and (  ). Nav sensor page shows drift 4.7 miles in 15 min ground run.
United 5947

39834756 airbill

Thanks gerry

5. Radar fail after Denver. (Related to #1 IRU) ? Radar works, but shows DAU1B  fail? shows fault code “SERIAL BUS WX3 IAN INTERFACE 4301-01.
6. Pilot reports RH baro select jumps several hundredths  when you touch the knob.
Also, jumps to HPA  even when you don’t touch the HPA  button.
Other items:
Check pulse lights.
Antiskid meneco red. Will check nose Tach resistance.
BASC control meneco red. Could be switchology.

IRU number 3 cooling fan sounds like rocks in a blender.  Remember not to unholy the rack while accessing the fan.