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Down and dirty Hydraulic service fixtures


Terry built these up for the shop.

This is the single action hand pump, low volume.


over a gallon resevoir

or a 1 qt pump item Number: 9-8438-60

all built up already.

royal hose north I35
1700 Lacy Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76177
(817) 626-2226

also, here is a brake bleeder with a air compressor, you have to be careful to unplug it, so it does not overpressure.  Could use a 45 PSI cutoff sw
bleeder end fitting from aircraft spruce

Why would a Falcon 900ex not take center fuel


19 QS transistor #3 passed the 2 diode check.


By the base was stuck at 9.7 vdc instead of 25 vdc  when not fueling.  Would not turn on when fueling requested.


Replacement transistor fixed it.   WHY?


Could 15QS wire be shorting intermitantly?  Wire repair at 14 qs plug is ugly.  Could it be popping the #3 transistor.







Dose of leadership


World and everything in it.


Break point, chuck coulson. John stonestreet.


X22 report.


Alister begg


Steve Deace.  Nefferious.

Boon dog saints

Not by works.     podcast.    Jb hixson

Oneplace app, preachers

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101.1 sermons.


Love worth finding .


Fat electrician.  Eager beavers. B17


recomendation from doug

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