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How do I make peace with the broadband in VP-BMB


VP-BMB Broad band QuickGuide:

The Airstream AOC Router is found at user admin pw flightstream

I modified the Proxy and so-on with Jo Krimsrieter on the phone. Screen captures below.

The 5040 box is found at 192.168. 1 . 10  user: admin: PW 1234

as I left it June 20, 2014, the DHCP SERVER is OFF in the 5040 box. That is contrary to the wishes of Chis Habina.

Back on, now that we understand that the 5040 connection is on the WAN side of the AOC Wireless router


Access the 5040 through the face…. Under the 3rd floorboard.

Or through the  VIP right drink ledge. brings you to the splash screen.


Here is the 5040. Dashboard

While in the 5040 box I set ADMINISTRATION> LAN>     DHCP  > DISABLED……that is contrary to Chris Habinas wishes.

Here are craigs notes after getting started on the Cobham 5040
Here is the screen shots while configurng


Here is some notes while Jo had me button clicking inside the FlightStream

DNS to

Static IP to  /24

Gateway to


Not sure if I entirely follow that logic.


What do we use fo9r Speed Test?


Speed Tests