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Holds Falcon 900 specific troubleshooting information

How do I make peace with the internet service in F900EX s/n 028, VQ-BYT

switch off the laptop wireless connection.. switch near handle.
If the Satcom is turned off, there is no DHCP server,,,, so:
set the troubleshooting computer to:  Static IP to
Hard-wire Ethernet connection to the RJ45 in the Pedestal.

WRT54GL Log In

User: Admin
Password: *aircell1*
And yes those are asterisks or stars included in the password
Tread Carefully.
The Satcom is a Thrane&Thrane SwiftBroadband
Aircell Aviator 300 , tt5040A SBU
Aircell CTR

How do you retrieve the BIT Fault codes from a LaserRef1?

How do you retrieve the BIT Fault codes from a LaserRef1?

“BIT” button leads to 3 pages :
Bit 2- Current Status
Bit 3 – Last Flight
Bit 4 – All History

Now: lets look at the 270 word

One example is 0082 2800

Note the first two digits are 00 and the last two are 00.  they are unused digits in this scheme.

This Work sheet might help with the decode.

And the 270 Word definition, or the 350 word definition might help.

My notes from N850BA EGPWS squawk.

What would happen if you flew a Falcon 900 with the #2 Cowl latches loose?

This aircraft took off with the # 2 cowl latches loose.

Flew to destination airport. All was fine until the TR opened, then….$1.3 million in damage.

Here is a shot of the airplane SECONDS before the indecent, caught by happenstance by a phototog.

Here is the cowl on the ground

Here is what is left of the cowl on the engine

Keep your head about you boys…. the penalty for inattention is high.


And Again. The penalties are high

Video of a Falcon 10, bad day at the hangar