When is the friction check due on a Falcon 50 H stab


For F50 N98DH, the fwd H-Stab, (Normal) motor is P/N 1234-2, S/N 206, monted on Stab Jack P/N 021121-09.    S/N 332.


Normla motor is p/n 1234-2


That means the stab jack is compliant with SB F50-267, and SB F50-247.

So, brake current check and instpect and clean are not due at the 12 month check.


Here is some of the early analysis.


you have Stab Jack P/N 021121-01 or 021121-05 or 021121-05 AND Normal motor P/N 1234.

Brake holding check and Check is due at the 12 month AND check and clean is due at the 12 month.




you have any stab jack with stab normal motor p/n 1234-1.Drop out current check  is not required. inspectand clean  is due at every 12 month check.


POST S/B F50-267

you have any P/N 021121-09 stab jack, with normal motor 1234-2,  Check and cleaning not required, drop out current not required.