F900ex N900HG aspen mx








1.  IAC2 FWC  fail. Verified. Fault history. Also IAC2  will not enter maintenance mode. Flight fault shows FWC2-DAU2B.

 New IAC 2 fixed it. Need to load ACDB  in fms.
2. Passenger temp control failed. Verified . Needle  stays exactly mid scale unless breaker is pulled. 23HG plug was loose.

Pin U pushed back on the Cabin Temp controlle not used


Problem turns out to be 24HC Duct temp sensor below rear lab basin



3. DU5 failed. Not verified.
Pilots incoming items:
4.IRS 1 takes a long time to align.  Verified. No align in Denver. Verified.  Stays at 4 min to align, while other two go to 1 min to align.  Then fast flash for 30 seconds . Init number 1 fms a second time.  Then 2 min to align. Then it aligns. Current faults 8903 and (  ). Nav sensor page shows drift 4.7 miles in 15 min ground run.
United 5947

39834756 airbill

Thanks gerry

5. Radar fail after Denver. (Related to #1 IRU) ? Radar works, but shows DAU1B  fail? shows fault code “SERIAL BUS WX3 IAN INTERFACE 4301-01.
6. Pilot reports RH baro select jumps several hundredths  when you touch the knob.
Also, jumps to HPA  even when you don’t touch the HPA  button.
Other items:
Check pulse lights.
Antiskid meneco red. Will check nose Tach resistance.
BASC control meneco red. Could be switchology.

IRU number 3 cooling fan sounds like rocks in a blender.  Remember not to unholy the rack while accessing the fan.