What are the annual purchases and chores for the FARA runway?



501 tax paperwork.




Fertilizer, Weed Killer Appendix D

Spot kill Dallis grass, Appendix B

2018 Spring VERY weak Rey growth until March.


Blade/Harrow/Roll runway when Bermuda is sending runners

2018  Weed poison very effective at killing DEAD all weeds
except Dallis Grass. Bermuda is slow to encroach the dead areas.

IRS 990N form, paul crabtree, 817.444.5505


IRS 990N form due the 15

May Fertilizer Appendix E

Ant Killer, Worked well 2017

2019,  2200lbs of Rey was way too much. Thick Rey very hard to cut, and out competed bermuda until late june.

Spring Meeting

Cut runway short twice to weaken rye.

Obtain insurance for the next year



June 7 –  runway insurance expires


Mow grass taller because summer heat will  weaken Bermuda grass


2023 extremly dry.

MSMA Appendix c (we are not currently doing this)



2023 bermuda barely visible.  Some cracks.

Fall Meeting, Elect Officers,  Assessment

After Bermuda is weak, blade and harrow Runway, Plant rey (Justin S&F 4530.  Rey.) 2000 lbs

2017 application of dirt was successful at smoothing low spots.
It scalped the runway bare, and no rain from August to
Christmas and this caused very unattractive Rey growth.

fertilizer ?immediately after seeding?


Rachel advise 50lb per acre.  500lb.  Annual.

Mix with 25 5 5.   2000lbs.



Appendix A – Notes on fertilizer Weed Killer in March:

RUNWAY CARE by Don Pellegrino scan 2017-05-29

Appendix B – Spot kill with Round Up.

Wait until dullis heads are obviously developed.  Spot only 1 head in one in one area.  Do not kill multiple heads in one area.  That produces a large dead area, and Bermuda cannot overtake from the edges.  Only kill heads that have healthy Bermuda bordering. Do not use round up for driveways.

Appendix C –

Notes from Larry’s son: Apply MSMA 3 weeks in a row. OAT greater than 90 degrees.    Spot spray best.  Do not dose. Do not mix heavy. Do not spray heavy. This will weaken the Bermuda, and it should kill the Dallis grass. Mow 2 days after

I wonder if we should not even apply MSMA to the ditches?

Appendix D

Use a different weed poison each year.


Appendix E

Fertilizer,  2010 lbs 20-10-00 fertilizer, Justin Seed and Feed # f201000?

Appendix F

Terry bought ….Top Soil, Caballero 14910 FM156 $960 34 yards.

22 yards, 640

22 yards 640.





2009 05 15 item f201000 2010 lbs 20-10-00 fertilizer.

2009 03 18 2040 lbs item 162000 16-20-00 fertilizer.

2009 09 26.     4530.  Rey.



2010 04 01. 2140 lbs 16-20-00. Fertilizer

2010 09 21. 40bags,50lbs fey g10.

2010 09 17 2090 lbs item f

201010 fertilizer. $464


2011 03 25 2010lbs item F210714 21..07.14 fertilizer

2011 09 20  40bags.50lbs reyg11


2013 09 16 2100lbs F2100714  ?21-07-14 fertilizer.


2014 05 04 2020 lbs f210714 21-07-14

2014 03 14 2100 lbs 21-07-14




2015 10 21 2120 lbs 13-13-13 fertilizer 40 lbs rey.

2015 11 5 2.5 gal MSMA6 82.50