What are a few of the items that need to be done for a N Number change

Registration change

Change FAA registration number to N716BH(?).

Change painted number on fuselage.

Fabricate placards for cockpit.

Strap change ELT to new ICAO number.

Send ELT to be reconfigured for new N Number.

Assure life raft ELT’s are registered properly.

https://beaconregistration.noaa.gov/RGDB/index, you need                    a login and the ELT HEX ID.


Strap Transponders to new ICAO, ADSB Strapping


Change N Number in FMS setup page(?).

Assure AFIS is configured for new N Number or deactivate AFIS.

Change N Number at EFIS maintenance screens. (NA for Primus 2000)

Verify Airshow does not display old N Number.

Update Camp registration.

Verify RVSM manual does not require update.

Change CAMP regularly. Number, HAPP CASP enrollment.