What is the new MPD life limit on the door spring all about?

Basically, Dassault has taken a non-life limited part, and turned it into a life limited part. The part is no longer produced, so that forces the installation of an electric door lift.

The springs are out of production , at some time, every B model, C model and EX (1 to 81) will be required to install electric door lift.

This FSA describes the situation and encourages operators to install the electric door lift early:


Also, there is a commercial program that reduces the cost of purchase until 2016.

$95,000 to $130,000 total

Here is the existing (fall 2015) text from the MPD that will be corrected

Description: cid:image001.jpg@01D1389F.6D834510



If counterbalancing actuator spring blade (500MA) is without red “E” mark next to S/N marking and in or out of tolerance, please return part to approved repair agent (note 1) as per AMM.
If counterbalancing actuator spring blade (500MA) is marked with a red “E” mark next to the S/N marking on part, scrap part without exceeding 3750FC.


The correction will say that if you pass the tests, no need to return the spring for evalution.


Bob clarified that text in a email.

I confirm what I suspected yesterday. One should read the AMM as follow (in this order):

  • If the wishbone is marked with a E after its S/N and has more than 3750 flight cycles, scrap the part
  • If the wishbone does not have any damage, the wishbone can be returned to service.
  • If you If the wishbone has damages on it then act as described in the AMM 52-10-00-220-801. Id Est basically return the part to the repair agent. The repair agent is going to repair it and if necessary to add a E mark on the part (in order to reduce its expected service life to 3750FC).

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Sr. Command Center   Rep

Robert Menier



After further clarification by Bob Mernier, the “E” extension is to allow the spring to go to 3750 cycles  TOTAL time in service.

The work card allows minor repair of the spring in the field, but be aware that a spring returned to vendor will get a “E” stamped on the serial number.

Also if you have a spring with more than 3750 cycles since installation, it will be scrapped if it is returned to the vendor?  no matter the condition?  That is brave, even for Falcon.


As of December 2015, Dassault has 2 serviceable springs, and certain repairs are allowable.  However, once the supply od repairable springs pays out, it is straight to  Electric motor fo’ you!

here are the structural drawings for the bushings on the airframe side of the door spring

F900MED SpringMount2_20151222_135814 F900MED SpringMount1_FGFB222030030A4-F00-7


F900MED SpringMount1_FGFB222030030A4-F00-7


Looks like P/N 47101C2J060050P is correct for the hat section bushings on the airframe side, if you have the 6 MM pin, rather than the 8MM pin. (wrong ID )




This requies a custome bushing and a Drilland Ream on the casting in the airplane:

MED Hat Bushings F2MA222030033A1

reamer from:



Order # Manufacturer Description Price
7950081 MEDA – SUPERIOR IMPORT 8/A Range: 1/4 – 9/32″ $13.90