Honda CRX Climate Control by Nexus 7 overview







Not for the faint harted, I had probably 100 hours and $600.00 in this by the time it was done.  If you just need a Heater/AC control, this is WAY TOO MUCH trouble for that.  I recommend the many websites that explain how to modify a Accord Heater/AC control panel. I approached it as a learning experience to push my knowledge of the Arduino farther along.

Auto reconnect after keyswitch is turned on.

1.The trick was to send data all the time from the arduino.

2. in AI, test the incoming data field to see if it is empty.

3.DISCONNECT the BT, even though it is already disconnected.

4. reconnect to same connection.

5. I error trapped the screen so that the nuisance errors would not take over the display.

Thanks Marty