How does the radar graphics/ EGPWS switching work in Astra N900DL sn030?


After it all settled out, the actual problem was a Radar Graphics Adapter that failed with heat:





Wxp850a control panel pn 622-8393-003 sn257





Gulfstream Mineapolis drawngs of the EGPWS installation

GDASCWB13490002R___[1] This is the correct one, after much hassle



This a disk of old IAI EO’s

EO_LD—25W810104E002_B_004_01 EO_WD—25W129213_-_002_01 EO_WD—25W129304_B_004_01 EO_WD—25W129304_C_005_01 EO_WD—25W129304_D_006_01 EO_WD—25W129414_-_002_01 EO_WD—25W129503_-_002_01 EO_WD—25W129602_-_002_01 EO_WD—25W129705_A_003_01 EO_WD—25W129705_B_004_01 EO_WD—25W129705_C_005_01 EO_WD—25W129705_D_006_01


Here is the YouTube of the WXA350A failing when warm