What are the resistances on a the Falcon 900 Bleed Overheat sensors?

20HW is the Oheat warn box.


Unplug the B connector. you should get a solid BLEED OHEAT light, and a dark ECU OHEAT light that will not test.


unplug 12hw2(?) at #2 engine firewall, should be flashing OHEAT light.


Please see the attached CMM to test the RP129-02 sensors.  I have also attached the FSA 36-00-008-R03-A in regards to the improved RP482-00 or RP482-01 sensors.

Regards,Camron Madsen

Resistances for the temp sensors.  you can test these from teh aft compartment without having to remove them.:

FSA 36-00-008-R03-A