Fairview Almanac


The Coldest month on average.

2005 Harrier Hawk seen @ South County Line Road. More


2005, Feb 15 Harrier Hawk seen @ South County Line Road.

2006, Feb 15, Record setting dry year, Rey grass JUST starts to green up.
2006, Feb     First Martin Scout heard.
2006, Feb 28, Bradford Pear at Robbins Blossums bright white



Mar 5 2022, First Geckos

Mar 15 2019..first small rat snake on the front porch.

Mar 10 2019 first rey grass cutting.  By Mar 21, rey is s thick as carpet.

2021 march 15 first frog


2020 mid march. runway fully green from left over rey from last year.

March 21 Vernal equinox

2021 March 21 first swallow

2005 Harrier Hawk seen @ 407 near Jesse’s

???March 15, Average Last freeze of the year?????

Mar 21 2019, first geckos.

Mar 22 2015 first barn swallow on front porch

2005 Martin Scouts Appear

March 19, 2006 First Barn Swallows on back porch

March 20 2022 first pair of barn swallow on front porch






2020 april 20 first June bugs.

Great Horned Owls mgrate through.

They have a VERY loud hoot, typically midnight to 5 AM.  Often they perch atop the Robbin’s house.

Male hoots two times, Female hoots three times.


First Agiape spiders hatch from egg sack.

June Bugs invade, followed immediately by toads.


June 21, Summer Solstice

Rye grass gone, Except north side shaded areas



Presides Meteor shower

Nighthawks active at dusk, diving, fluttering sound with wings


Last of the June Bugs

Sept. 21 Autumnal Equinox.

Rye grass appears, if seeded early.


Agiape spiders die.

Martins depart

Barn swallows depart

Toads retreat underground. (hibernate?)


Harrier Hawk active, cruise at 20 feet altitude in open fields.  More

<>        They Winter in central America, so we only see them for two short seasons as they pass through. Pointed Wing Tips, White band on body.

2004 note: I saw a Harrier Nov. 3 2004, Right on time.


?????average first freeze of the year????????????

Dec. 21 winter solstice