The Prince.- Florence under Medicine family….. the method of the war is not significant compared to its outcome. Audible

Road to serfdom –  success of freedom breeds digest with still remaining inequalities.  Devices raised to perfect the remaining imperfections destroys the  Audible



Dictators Handbook. If you act on the throne, the throne will act upon you.  Audible


The search for Faithfullness deacons and elders. – Study for Deacon Committee


Restoring a wayward brother.


A deacon on purpose.

Intro, acts 3.8.

1. LEAD Acts 6.1 , in those days the disciples were increasing in number.

By example.

Think more about attendance.


……you are always influencing …..

Dec. 2018


Come Back Barbera.

Presbyterian minister must release wayward daughter. Softcove r



Gordon S. WOOD.  Revolutionary characters.