N305LM LED retrofit




DOM: Duane Moss, 817-368-2846

DER: Verl Herd,  214-763-0262

DAR: CJ Daniel, 817-692-4415

IA: Phillip Ayala, 817-903-9169

Project see-r after-er: Todd Heffley, 817-845-0145

N305LM registration

Wing Tips and Tail Covered by AVEO ENGINEERING, Installation Instructions, EASA STC.  using these instructions.


EASA Minor Change sheet 10061508_CERT_REV_1_20200625-MOD006GIV-GV

page 5 for EASA drawings AVEMOD006DL, issue 02
page 5 for Appliance Authorization.
The following appliances carry an ETSO authorization:
AVEPOSW74G401 ETSOA 21O.10055101
AVEWPR51G401 & AVEWPG51G402 ETSOA 21O.10055070

1 ea. Kit Number: GLF01  – page 8 for wing position lights, left, red
1 ea. Kit Number: GLF02  – page 8 for wing position lights, right, green
1 ea. Kit Number: GLF03 – page 10 for wing  strobe installation
1 ea.  Kit Number : GLF05Page 24 for tail strobe
1 ea. Kit Number:  GLF07 – page 13 for taxi
1 ea. Kit Number:  GLF08 – page 13 for  downwash
1 ea. Kit Number: GLF13 – page 22 for tail pos’n, for G-IV sn 1443


price list AveoEngineeringGroupSTC-GV-USD-v3


2 Ea.  Tip strobes, each tip:
Existing:                                                     Proposed: Aveo
Kit Number: GLF03

2 Ea. Wing  Tip Position Lights:
Existing:                                         Proposed:
kit Number: GLF01

2 Ea.  tail positions:

Existing:                                                  Proposed:

1 Ea.  Tail Strobe:
Existing:                                                    Proposed:


2 Ea.  down-wash lights
Existing:                                              Proposed: Aveo



WDM for existing light installation:
G_IV Anticol Lights
G_IV_ Exteriror Lights


Misc order details:
LED Order
Order Detail AveoEngineeringGroupSTC-GV-USD-v3

DAR requested info:


  • Aircraft N Number N305LM
  • Aircraft SN 1443
  • Name of the airport it is located. KDAL
  • Address of the hanger the work is being performed. 8350 Denton Drive , Dallas, Texas 75235, US, Hangar C
  • Name, A&P and Phone Number of the tech doing the work. Todd Heffley, 817-845-0145, AP3281856
  • The primary POC name, phone and email, IF not you.  DOM Duane Moss, 817-863-2846, dmoss@hartgrp.com