FBC roof leaks


16. Roof leaks                                                    QR updated  

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  1. Kids gym, north wall, above cabinets, west of glass doors.  Red stain on rafter.











2. Kids Gym, South wall,  east to west rafter, roof section, area of the west window, 2 feet north of wall. Children’s gym.   7 feet east of the west wall bump-out.













3. East gym above soft wall











4. Children’s supply closet, drips from vent.  Water visibly drain down vertical duct.   We think it is #9.







5. Youth mezzanine. North west corner.  12in south of sheetrock.  58 in east if sheetrock.






6. Main sanctuary.  East of rear right RTU 24. 3 FEET east .    water stain wraps around AC duct.  Rust spot above