FBC Justin – AC Units

Cost breakdown by unit  This is the 4 pager that gathers cost history on each unit.

Fall 2023 work report

fbcj work report cut down  .doc

2023 FBCJustin fall inspection  pdf


Negitive/Positive pressure tutorial

Link to current manuals from Lennox
Here is the Lennox Manual  for the LGA102HS1Y units.
Here is the manual for the M1-6 boards rev A,   IMC V6
Here is the Service Bulletin for a whole building controller IMC

controller board
Manual for the Carrier units.
This older Carrier manual has a troubleshooting section p 54 to 59


THIS  IS NOT USABLE WITH M1-6 LonTalk Lennox units this is the board that shows error codes, Installed in 23, 24. ours  are M1-6 Rev A boards

IMC BacNet module

Indoor Thermostats
reset video https://youtu.be/dK6vpojwvJg

Sensi manual link
Sensi Link to Step by step wire configuration
Spreadsheet with wire colors
Removed Honeywell
Installed SENSI model ST55, Snensi APP for thermostats: u media@fbcjustin.org p Media2737
Wiring notes for wall mounted thermostats

TDI Seasonal description:

Three HVAC contractors VENDOR:
HVAC Technical                  Junior Morales   817-428-0124
Proposed  Seasonal:  BLANK MAINTENANCE
Morales quote:  First Baptist.
Lead time on the equipment is 17-18 weeks , Bryant equipment is not available!!
18 weeks quote from May 1 .  Current deliveries are not being delivered on time.


TDIndustries, Denton,
Andy Heramb acct rep 817 304 6009
Tdi call center. Call tdi 800 864 7717
John with TDIndustries  scheduler 18172407599
Technician Alex 817 304 6009,


Heat exchanger re-core  Khous motor sports 616 885 3049

Seasonal inspection outcomes

June2022 AC Discrepacies

Work Order 54418 Summary 12-1-2022

(BCI Mechanical Kyle Minter  940-565-1010 , MSG service)

(Grant Air Conditioning      Dale Kinson   817-332-7979)

Water on the roof, stop and waste valve.