Falcon 10 stab trim cb at the speed brake box pops.



6 amps running through a wire that is hard shorted to ground. Use a current limited power supply so the wire does not “Dynamite Fuse”

led us to this canon plug:



details about the burned up canon plug:


possibly MS3110E-22-55P(no letter suffix for standard rotation)

possibly  PT02SE-22-55P

MS series:

Amphenol ?PT00(PT02 SE is solder pot)

color: OD  (E)

Box mount: MS3110 (MS3122 solder pot)

Pin pattern: (22)

Pin count: (55)?

Contains: pins.

Rotation:  no letter is rotation at A

Fasteneing: Bayonette

Terminate  CRIMP


Details about Trim SB:
240, 246. Reverse polarity.
27-014 adds relay.